We are busy today… we are almost done with our newsletter which remains a tightly guarded secret until the day it goes out in the mail. As soon as that happens, though, we will be posting snippets on the blog to give you all an inside perspective on our many tales from our England buying trip.

Until then, check out these lamps we have for sale in our sale room! 50-60% off!

French blue "Augustin" lamp. Was $575, now $195.

Oriental Teapot Lamp. Was $275, now $95.

French style ceramic lamp. Was $495, now $250.

Delft blue/white urn custom lamp. Was $395, now $100.

Celador Glaze Table Lamp. Was $315, now $95.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Come see us: 1730 Lumpkin St Athens, GA 30606
or visit our website:
or call us: 706-353-8251

About Two Antiques

Since 1987, Appointments at Five has been an Athens tradition. Longtime friends and co-owners Kitty Culpepper and Jenny Sligh turned this early 1900's house into a specialty shop that offers almost everything. In 2000, they expanded to include the 1920's cottage next door - making room for the growing French country collection. The two houses are joined by an outdoor garden filled with ever-blooming flowers and unusual garden items purchased abroad. Kitty and Jenny have traveled throughout England and France for many years. They know how and where to find the best buys these countries have to offer. They specialize in antiques and everyday gifts. Stop by their store in Athens, GA to meet these won't forget (or regret) it!
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